Privacy Policy

Information Collected

To provide the better service, this site will collect certain pieces of information when you attempt to use the contact form. Examples of the information collected are names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers. This information is understood to be personal and confidential, and will be treated thusly. It will never be shared or sold to any entity, unless required so by a legally-recognized law-enforcement agency.

Disclosure of Information

As stated previously, Foremost may be required to disclose your personal information if we are required to by a law-enforcement agency. We will also disclose information if it is in the interest of law-enforcement, public welfare (including safety), or national security.


Currently, this site uses no cookies (packets of information sent between client compuers and web hosts that are stored locally on the client computer and sent back each visit). However, Foremost reserve the right to begin to use them, in which case this policy will be changed. (See "Changes" below)


We hereby claim that any and all data collected by will be used appropriately according to the above statements.


Foremost reserves the right to change any content, policy, or media found within it. This policy is NOT exempt from these changes.

Inquiries and Clarifications

If you have questions, or need something explained in better detail, please use the contact form.